The other tenants in my apartment all got new cars recently. The old dodge stratus was traded in for the Equinox. The old civic coupe was traded in for the Rogue. And a nearly brand new buick regal turbo was traded in for the lincoln because the owner is a young asian girl who has gotten her car stuck in like 2" of snow (her family is LOADED). Meanwhile, I'm in full winter mode like so:

So far, I've had to help all of them get out of trouble in both their old and new cars. Is it any surprise that all of them are driven by women who just couldn't give two shits about cars/driving? I think one of them hit another when they were in a hurry to leave one morning. The top picture doesn't show it too well but the driveway is quite steep down to the street so when it's cold out it's an ice luge unless you just creep down it and learn how to look for traction.