A week or so ago, we saw a '96 Impala SS in a parking lot while getting groceries. I asked our oldest daughter if she approved of it for my next toy car. She said no.
My wife also said no. She said she couldn't see me in one.
After professing my love for them, which my wife knows I love them because I drool every time I see one, I began to realize I can not really see myself in one either.
I love the idea of owning one, but really can not see me driving one. Not even as a cruiser. I can't take it out on twisty roads. I can't autocross is. I can not even see it as a first choice as a cruiser car for a nice date with my wife.

I love the car. I love the looks of the car. I love the sound of the engine. I love the car. I just can not, in damn near any situation, see myself in one.


So what car do you have in your mind like that? You love the car, but just can not see yourself in one?