I'm trying to track down the owner of a gen1 Scion xB in RI. He was sitting on I-195 with a flat tire and had no jack, lug wrench or spare. I offered to loan him my spare and used my jack & lug wrench to help him swap it. I gave him my contact info and he promised to drop off the spare in a few days when he'd gotten a replacement tire.

Well it has been months now, and I haven't heard from him, nor gotten my spare back. I'm just trying to track him down so I can get my spare tire back so I don't get stuck with a flat somewhere.

His box is silver(Thundercloud metallic) with a black-primer spoiler and a severely slammed static-drop suspension. When I met him he was running VW alloys.

If you know him or his box sounds familiar please let me know so I can get back the tire I loaned him and he decided to steal.


EDIT: Yes I shouldn't have trusted him, Yes I should have gotten his contact info. However unless you have a time machine I can use to go back and change that, comments to that effect aren't really helpful.