I love my car. I've posted about it here many times.

I also love trucks. And Wranglers. So, on a whim, I went to a Jeep dealer on Saturday with a buddy of mine. I wanted to see if my love of the Wrangler would translate over after having driven it. I tore through the showroom floor, looking over the model on display. Sitting in every seat, opening every door, investigating every removable part.We chatted up a salesman, got him to bring around an unlimited sport (in manual) to try out.

It did. I'm smitten.

Clearly it is a different experience. The throws are long, clutch was...interesting...and the seats were obviously not Recaros. It was slow, not FWD, short windshield, long hood, top heavy, basic. But it felt so good to be riding high again. I do not care if driving it is like throwing a brick into the wind in comparison to the ST...I can just think of all the things I would do with it and become all giddy. I keep tossing pros and cons of each vehicle back and forth in my head but can never reach a conclusion. The only logical conclusion is that I need two vehicles to satisfy my cravings for what each one can do...but that is not even remotely in the cards for many, many years.

Why do I do this to myself?