Which would you buy?

Casually considering both these cars as a replacement for my current car over the next few months. Both have great styling, I like the interiors, and supposedly drive very well. Great gas mileage on both models too...AND they're priced too closely to not cross-shop.

Two cars available locally to me, both manuals of course:

Mazda3 GT Hatch $24,040 -


Mazda6 i Touring $24,440 -


I like hatchbacks (currently own a wagon) and the interior of the 3 (floating screen, HUD, etc.)...the 6 is a better looking and more spacious car though, although the 5.8" display looks dated - apart from that it all LOOKS great I think.


How do they both drive? Is the 3 significantly more chuckable than the 6? Any other considerations? For $400 more are you really getting more car in the Mazda6, or is this a case of bigger isn't always better?