That was a fun one day of driving...

So its been almost a solid 48 hours. As of right now I have the following on order for my 85 745i

6 36mm SMD LED's

2 new license plate light housings

4 poly alternator bushings

1 goodyear alternator belt

The alt bushings have been shot for a while and its finally chewing the belt up again and its chirping under load. I don't want to drive the car on this because I know it'll shuck a belt and I'll be screwed so I want to fix the alt (which is sitting crooked) once and for all.


Also, I managed to pick up a leak in the pass front tire, so I have to get that plugged up after I fix the alt.

I managed to replace the old blaupunkt headunit with an alpine 9856 thats been kicking around since 2006, so now I have ipod compatibility. A small victory so far.

I also fixed the fog light that was out, the connector simply fell off. Eventually I need to find 2 lenses, and I need to make all the bulbs on the car match. The drivers side fog, and the pass side high beam are brighter white than the rest.

But here are some updated shots, I'll have more when I get to work on it later.

City lights + fog lights

Low beams + fog lights

All together

Alpine headunit - the locking bezel is a bit bent up from being yanked out of my brothers truck so some of it is exposed, I'll probably color it black so you can't see it behind the trim.

Some shots after cleaning it yesterday

More to come when I get it road worthy again...