He keeps saying it's cheaper to just buy something 'merican and throw a supercharger on it. Sure it might be cheaper, but it's also 1. Been done so many times it's not even funny and 2. won't handle nearly as well no matter what you do

Oh, but what about Corvettes he says. Corvettes couldn't handle worth shit until the C6, if I'm not mistaken, father. "But my C4 handled pretty well" yeah sure, compared to the Cavalier you had before it, and the Lexus LS400 you had after it, I'm sure it did, but compared to my car, it's nothin. Driving isn't all about speed, it's about how the car handles and feels at speed. It's not all about drag times, dad, unlike what you think. I care about how my car makes me feel, not how fast it goes in a straight line. Also, 40hp out of an intake+headers+exhaust isn't anything to scoff about, that's a pretty good gain for those three parts.

He just expects to spend 3 grand and have a 10 second car. It's frustrating. Especially because I'm the one that's paying for the parts, but he is the one that is "approving them".