Just got back from vacation, and one of things I like to do when I visit different cities is check out their hot wheels offerings since they usually are a little different from city to city and region to region. Plus some may be more popular in one area and harder to find but less popular and easier to find in others. I have been casually buying them here and there for a few years, but have really ramped up lately for some reason. almost doubling the collection in the last few months. Probably all the HW talk on Oppo. Do you think they are seeing a noticeable increase in sales due to Oppo interest? I know there has been a lot of Oppos that have gotten back into the hobby since talking about it here, but maybe it is such a small percentage of their sales they don't notice.

Picked up these guys over New York City (Toys R Us, FAO Schwarz, and a supermarket in Hoboken with a surprising great selection, it's where I got the Porsche 917 - all metal and the rear engine cover opens).

This was an Ebay auction I won for a collection of MOAPR cars: 38 in total, with only 3 repeats and 1 I already had. Check out all those Superbirds! That's alotta wing!

Another eBay auction, with a few race cars:

These are the cars I have up for trade, some eBAY and the others from my previous collection that I just got around to organizing:

Anybody interested in any of these?