The Fiat Abarth is as fun to drive as they say it is.

The 2013 Fiat Abarth pictured above was under my custodianship for several, hoon-filled days and I can honestly say that the little bugger is one of the most fun cars I've ever driven. Quicker than it should be and easy to manhandle, every drive was a smile-making event. I smiled as I drove it around town. I smiled as I took it for a spirited morning drive on a lonely, winding mountain road. I smiled as I out u-turned a Veyron. I smiled as I made my mother crap her pants in the passenger seat ("What is this thing?!?"). It is just a fun car to drive for any automotive enthusiast.

Sure, it's not perfect: the rear seats are good only for infants and amputees; the nasty blind spots, especially over the driver's left shoulder; door panels look cheap; the mandatory looong pause before shifting to reverse to avoid grinding ("approx. two seconds" reads the warning tag from Fiat).

But where it wins it wins BIG: exterior styling; the sport seats; that fat, flat-bottomed sport steering wheel; the handling (SPORT mode should be the default); the brakes; and last but certainly not least… the sound. OH THE GLORIOUS SOUND. Seriously, this little beast has one of the best-sounding stock exhausts. I never turned on the radio for the entire time I had the Abarth in my possession. [NOTE TO FIAT: step 1) release a stripped-down version with no radio, rear seat delete with stabilizing brace, more exterior aero/styling and maybe a few more horses. step 2) take our monies!]

The fun-to-dollar ratio is very high with this tossable little hot hatch, and I recommend every Jalop spend some seat time in one when they get the chance. So I will add the Fiat 500 Abarth to my list of possible next 'affordable, petite fun car' (it joins the company of Miata, MR2, and possibly Mini Cooper S if I get around to taking one for a spin).