Dear Mr Toyoda,

Here on Jalopnik we all know that you are indeed a fellow Jalop, a true car lover, and that you want to shed some of the image of Toyota being a boring beige mobile producing car manufacturer. To that we applaud you, we have been waiting for a car manufacturer to offer fun driving, affordable cars for a long while. The Toyobaru twins in the State's have actually started a small fun car revolution! I myself have the FR-S and it is nothing short of brilliant. You, as we understand were the power and pusher behind that program. We have now had the chance to see the FT-1 concept and we all now wish to rally around your great insight and fortitude once again and urge you to put this into production.

We need more RWD fun affordable coupes, key word in that being affordable. The Toyobaru twins are perfect because they are so affordable. We the people, and most car lovers, do not want another range topping halo car for the 1%'s. We will never be able to afford it. Nissan had along the right idea for the introduction of the GTR by keeping the price relatively down, but has since priced it well out of anything most mortals will ever be able to afford. Even Ford who are supposed to be cars for the every man have out priced the Mustang's outside the realm of most people. We would like something that if we can't get it immediately we can hope to pick it up second hand in a few years. Something that has around 400hp for around $35,000USD. The car in my opinion would sell like hotcakes, especially if the Supra nameplate was brought back. You have a whole generation of car lovers that weren't brought up with muscle cars, rather they were brought up with killer Japanese coupes and coveting the world of Supra's, AE86's, MR2's and 2000GT's Toyota has always been a brand that helps the middle class. If you can bring the chasis dynamics that you have in the Twins, with a larger engine and more refined interior around that price point, you will outsell all the 370z's, Genesis coupes, Mustang's, Camaro's and almost everything else around there that is fun and sporty. Lexus is your luxury marque, and now you have the RC-F as the luxury performance segment, please keep this affordable for the masses. You will have at least one car lover right in line to buy this car if you stay true to the ideals of Toyota, fun and reasonably priced.