I've always had a fascination with these G3 iMacs. I don't like Apple products usually, but when I was younger I always saw these iMacs and thought they were cool so I guess that's why I like them now. I want one to work on. I'm looking on ebay (craigslist doesn't have anything) and came across this one:


For the 600mhz model with upgraded ram, that is a really good price, but the shipping is $50(!). I don't really want to waste $100 on an old computer I'm just going to mess with, but do you guys think I could upgrade the RAM to 1 gig, upgrade the hard drive, and then re-sell it for a profit? I see non-upgraded ones on ebay going for more, but I don't know if they sell or not. What do you guys think?


Edit: It seems everyone thinks they are shite. Well can't say I didn't expect that lol. Guess it's not worth it.