A girl with two distraught looking men come into my store today. Story unfolds inside.

Dude 1: We need a socket for the center nut on a wheel. (shows me a picture on their phone)

Me: Are you trying to change the wheel bearing or something?

Dude 1: No, we got a flat and we're trying to take the tire off.

Me:(see above photo)

Dude 1: We got the 5 bolts off(vehicle used lug nuts not bolts), but that center one is still holding it on.


Me: That center one is the axle nut. You don't need to take that off. It's probably just stuck. Try holding the tire at 12 and 6, or 3 and 9 position and kind of rock it.

Dude 1: Okay we'll try that.

3 hours later:

They return. The two men filthy at this point.

Dude 1: Nah, man we definitely need to get that big nut off. It's an old car so it's different than newer ones.

Other guy chimes in

Dude 2: I looked at it, that nut is holding it on.

Inner Me: Okay, professor.

Me:I have never seen a car that requires you to remove the axle nut to take a tire off. How old are we talking?

Girl: 2001 Cavalier

Me: (See above photo) Haha, that is not old. Hold on a second. (I grab a rubber mallet) Take this and smack the wheel. This method has never failed me.

Girl: Can you just come and do this please?

Me: Sorry, I can't leave the store.

An hour later:

Girl(almost in tears now): It's not working, it has to be that nut.

Me: Where are you guys?

Girl: Just across the street.

I go over, tap it with the mallet and it comes off immediately.

Me: Have a good night.