"compact trucks" aren't really that compact you say. "they are basically as big as a full size" i hear. oh rlly?

I found this much better picture in GIS, but I saw these full sizers next to a tacoma in my parking garage on my way out tonight.

people like to downplay the differences in size because they "get about the same mileage and cost about as much" and while that's [mostly] true i do think there is a buyer for a truck that would have once been called full sized, but in the land of behemoth 1/2 tons, they are clearly the more manageable and reasonable choice.


The truth is, just because I want a pickup doesn't mean i need to pull 70,000 space shuttles to the construction site, or carry another lesser pickup truck up a rocky hill. no i want a bed that fits my things, capability to tow an occasional load, and a refined quiet, mostly economical and always easy driving experience when I'm not.

The domestics would have you believe that if you are thinking about buying a truck than the most important thing in towing an enormous fishing boat up a metal ramp on fire while not exploding [like brand x might]. I mean...what If i just want a truck and I dont care about payloads and tow ratings?