The most frustrating of drivers' quirks. This is the person who, for some unknown reason, can not let their car coast.

My morning commute today was...busy. I think that's a good word. It wasn't bumper-to-bumper, stop to look at the guy changing his tire traffic jam, but it was crowded and moving fast. I can deal with that, I just know I need to give people some distance. I'm in the right lane, cruising along, when suddenly the person in front of me slams on their brakes. Of course I'm ready, because with how packed the roads were and how fast we were traveling, something's bound to begin slowing things down. Except it was a short braking, and then they were speeding up again...and braking...and speeding up...and braking.

I'd love to be a fly on that wheel well, watching those brake pads go buh-bye by the second.


This morning was just mildly amusing. I just moved into the middle lane from the slow lane, and bypassed the problem. A few weeks ago, it wasn't. I try to stick to the middle lane in one section of my commute, as there are a series of exits with unpredictable traffic (and driver behavior, but that's anther thing), and so I'm happy to just let people use the right lane to prepare to exit, or to fully merge. I'm usually going fast enough to pass people in the right lane(s) anyways, so I'm good. Cruising along in the middle lane, happy that I got out of work on time and thus able to be home before the 3:30 crowd hit the streets, I notice the car in front of me completely slam on their brakes.

Now, say you're looking ahead of you, noticing the comparatively empty freeway, and you then see someone slam on their brakes. Your first thought is "EMERGENCY." Which was mine, until the person then accelerated. And braked. And accelerated. Ad nausea.

They couldn't maintain a goddamn speed. "Fuck you, brakes, I'm doing this my way!" I hear the person in front of me say, in my head. I'm starting to notice that these people also have some variant of the dent of shame on their car (I wish I remember who coined that; out yourself, Opponaut!).

Does this bug anyone else? Or am I just too easily annoyed?

Since this is TL;DR, have a cookie.