So today, I was driving home with a few friends, the car was basically stuffed with people, 2 girls and 3 guys. I was at a intersection were I had to turn left and cross the road of oncoming traffic, I was involved in a discussion in the car, so I wasn't paying fully attention to the road, which resulted in me overseeing a white sedan, this meant that I, without thinking proceeded through the intersection and I were maybe 30-40 centimeters from getting T-boned by the Sedan which had a speed of 60+.... Luckily we survived with a chock, and me being speechless in 40 minutes afterwards.

I just needed to get this of my chest, and to warn everyone, to always, ALWAYS have your eyes on the road even though you are in a interesting conversation with the girl who you are flirting with!

To the guy in the white sedan, I'M EXTREMELY SORRY, and thank you, that you had your eyes on the road ad weren't an imbecile as me.