I think it's pretty obvious I'm a proponent of manual transmissions. Way back on Christmas I made this post 7 Thinks Jalopniks Want for Christmas. Number 2 on my list was:

A Manual Transmission in every car EVER.

To which I received this response courtesy of Hi, I'm Nibby!

Not every fucking car needs a manual transmission. 12/25/13 2:21pm

Now I think it is pretty well established that the manual transmission is the superior transmission, but I've noticed there are still some people who claim that in their daily commute they PREFER an automatic. I've never owned an automatic, and I've been in some terrible traffic up and down the West Coast, living in Los Angeles, driving through Seattle at rush hour, and even where I live now in Portland traffic can get pretty awful. We have the 6th worst traffic in America according to this study. (Admittedly I've never tried to drive in San Francisco, I've always taken public transit. Which, contrary to popular opinion, is actually pretty fantastic).


Regardless, I've never thought 'if only I had an automatic, this would be so much easier'. Is your daily driver a manual? What do you drive and where do you commute? Do you wish it were an automatic?