i sort of almost understand plasti-dipping all the chrome to make it matte black or whatever to better match the color scheme, but the effort people put into debadging their vehicles confuses me and the reasons elude me. Whats the point? The badges arent that intrusive, i mean I know the chevy bowties have been growing as of late but still its not that bad. And are we trying to hide brand? I can still tell that VW is a VW man, and I want to point out at least the one above modified the hood as well. I cant stand jettas with aftermarket grills that just ignore the little half circle cutaway on the hood now that the logo is gone.

I'm not super opposed to it i just dont get it. Enlighten me, provide examples and counter examples, post a picture of a chrysler with bently badges and a bimmer with kia badges. All that shit