I understand that there are some conditions that contribute to a person being severely obese. In those medical situation, the person affected cannot lose weight even if they wanted to. What I don't understand is when a morbidly obese person bitches and complains that they are forced to purchase two seats on a plane due to their size (which is in their full control). If you are too big for one seat, you have to buy two. Why? Because if you weren't so damn big the air line would have been able to sell that seat to someone else. Why should the air lines have to lose money carting your fat ass around? And yes, I know air lines charge obscene prices and fees and it's ridiculous.

I have a screen cap of a conversation of two people discussing this injustice on facebook, however, don't feel comfortable posting it. Things on the internet have a way of getting out of hand and I don't want to upset anyone unnecessarily. So instead, have a picture of a Dreamliner.