Takes up truckjacking instead, dropping 5 gallon bottles of water like depth charges during her escape.

Also has sweet tattoo.

A Gainesville woman who tried to rob another woman of her car Monday afternoon was fought off and instead stole a nearby Culligan delivery truck, spilling bottles out the back as she sped away, police say.

The woman later was caught after a high-speed chase on Interstate 75.

Monday's incident began at 3:30 p.m., the Gainesville Police Department reported, when a woman was walking to her car with her groceries in the Winn-Dixie parking lot on Southwest 16th Avenue. The woman was approached, police said, by Melody Bull, 33, who later gave her address as the St. Francis House.

Bull had her hand under her clothes and appeared to be pointing a weapon at the victim when she told the her, "Give me your car keys," police reported.

"No, my children need this car," the victim said, according to the police report. Bull then attacked the woman, trying to get her keys as the victim yelled for help, police said. As the women struggled, a Winn-Dixie manager and a man in the parking lot approached them and prevented Bull from getting the keys, the report said.

Police said Bull ran through the parking lot and fled west on Southwest 16th Avenue, when she spotted a Culligan water truck making a delivery at Oaks Pawn East. She jumped into the truck and began to speed off, spilling five-gallon bottles from the back as she made her getaway.


Facebook pic - Please tell me she's not drinking Culligan water.