With zero power mods(he has a custom exhaust, but that is it. Plus that is useless without a tune) slightly wider wheels with giant spacers, and a coilover kit which probably breaks your back? What, you don't? Why not?

For the same price you can have a brand new FRS with a full exhaust, plus tune, plus wheels and tires, plus coilovers, and LCA. Now mind you this is all new as well. If you get parts used(like I did) you can totally get a better deal. It will be faster than this car in the straights and corners.


33 grand for a car with limited appeal, CP if I have ever seen it. I don't understand his plan. You can buy a Rocket Bunny kit for 5 grand and a new FRS for 25K. . . so why would you get this? This turned into quite the rant. Anyway, here is a video he made.