You have $50,000 to spend on a daily driver. You can keep your current ride, but you have to drive this car at least once a day. The catch? Only $5000 can be spent on the car itself, the other $45,000 has to be spent on the car AFTER purchase.

Do you restore a junker, build a hot rod, lux-out a barge, build a killer garage, modify an old sports car, or what? Whatever you choose to spend it on, it has to be DIRECTLY related to that car, and only that car. No parts cars or additional vehicles.

Since my obvious answer is obvious (you should all know what I would build with that kind of money by now!), I'm going to take a slightly different approach:

I'd start with a beat-up slant-6 early 60s Barracuda, spend about $5000 cleaning the body up, and then swap/squeeze in an EFI 440 (~$10,000, junkyard, new cam, intake and heads) fully independent and adjustable suspension (~$20,000) and 4-wheel disc brakes (~10,000) with some wider tires and misc handling improvements. (~5,000)