Alright, here it is. I got pre-approved for a car loan. So now I need to go find that car! So this is where I need your help. I'm looking for an SUV (4WD preferred but AWD is acceptable) that's big enough to hold myself, my wife, 2 car seats, 2 larger dogs and some luggage for when I PCS (change duty stations). We've been thinking about Tahoe's, Explorer's or Pathfinder's but the thing is, I've never owned any of these before so I don't know their reliability or anything like that. So if any of you can give me insight on these vehicles or suggest anything that would be better and within my budget, please let me know!

Here's my budget:

I'm approved up to $22K with a 2.7% interest rate. I want to get something that's no older than 2008 and has less than 65K miles. Any ideas?