To move things right? Haul big stuff, tow heavy things, go way off road, right?

Nope. All wrong.

Trucks are for posing. Being able to say you can go farther off road then all of your buddies and then never doing more than a short 14 mph jaunt down the gravel driveway to the house where you bought that couch off craigslist. Then, with your truck and it's immense off roading capabilities and all, you use a trailer to haul the 52 lb futon. Why? Because you have an EFFING SPOILER ON YOUR BEDCOVER YOU ASSHAT.


All day I spotted duallies with bed covers, lowered F-150s on twenny-foes, and to top it all, this. WHAT ARE THESE PEOPLE DOING. Why do they spend $40k, $60k, $70k on vehicles with a purpose and then use them to pose. A dually is an immensely capable vehicle, it can essentially tow the world if it wanted to, but no. People decide a 7,000 lb, purpose built, utility vehicle, with it's prehistoric suspension, frame, and engine, is ideal for a daily driver.

My brain....I can't make it work like these people' hurts me...