A while back, friend of Jalopnik Blake Z. Rong and I went Saab hunting. We didn't find any Saabs (mostly depressing Volvos), but we did stubble upon this Alfa Romeo GTV.

Turned out it was a really rare, 1 of 150 Maratona special edition GTV6.


In my opinion thats something rare enough to get saved rather than scrapped. Not knowing much more about the car than the exterior condition, I created an account on AlfaBB, and posted a thread in the For Sale subforum then proceeded to forget about it until today. Turns out there's a decent discussion going on about it with a guy who owns about 43 Alfas up in Maine. I really hope he rescues it and restores it to its former glory. Or at least uses parts to save someone elses 1 of 150 Maratona.

Theres always a chance that the guy knew about it before I brought it up on AlfaBB, but I'm going to pretend otherwise.