So Saturday morning around 7:30, I was awoken by a god-awful crash. Didn't think much of it, thought one of our cats was being a douche. As I drifted back to sleep, I heard a knock at the door. In my half-asleep stupor, I scrambled to locate some clothes and opened my front door to see my neighbors standing there with forlorn looks on their faces.

"The city plow just hit your Mini Cooper"

I walked outside to a frozen hell, with a city plow truck wedged across our street. There was the Mini, punched up onto the curb and looking rather dismal. Granted, I had not put my contacts in yet, so the damage wasn't immediately apparent.

The plow driver climbed down out of the cab spouting profuse apologies. I understood, it was a skating rink out there and the cops were already on the way. A maintenance supervisor from the city came down to chat as well, and assured me that the city's insurance would take care of everything. Tow truck came and took the Mini to the only body shop that wasn't inundated with cars.


The following are close-ups of the damage inflicted by the plow. When the blade hit the A-pillar, it deformed and cracked the metal. The hood got ripped open, the door also got a gash, and the blade even managed to puncture a small hole in the rear quarter.

So my big concern in all of this is the damage on the A-pillar. The body shop where the car ended up did an initial estimate, came out to like $8,700. Is it common practice to cut a section out of an A-pillar and weld in another piece on a year-old car? The guy who did the estimate said something to the effect of replacing the outer A-pillar layer and "nobody will see what's underneath".

When I looked at the A-pillar from the rear of the car towards the front, there was a clear deformation in the pillar. Also, it appeared that the roof actually absorbed some of the impact as well.


I am having serious concerns about how this will all get fixed or if this will just get written off. Anyone out there have experience doing body work on an R56 Mini? It looks like the pillar is an integral unit with the respective layers of the entire side of the vehicle from the parts diagrams I've looked at.

Appraiser from the city's insurance agency apparently looked at the car today, and I'll get the city's final word on what they feel is best tomorrow or Monday. As much fun as this car is, I kind of hope that it's totaled so I don't have to deal with future lost value and possible issues from repair.

Oh, and my rental from the city? Chrysler 200. It's the worst.