I watch a lot of TV. I don't just mean that like 'hehe I watch 5 shows', no, I watch a lot of TV. I probably watch at least 20 hours of recorded shows a week, and there's rarely a moment where the TV isn't on in my house.

It goes beyond the house too. When I go to the gym, TV's are everywhere, and I watch them. That means I see plenty of commercials, and this one especially has been pissing me off:

The Nissan Rogue. A boring CUV. You'd think the commercial would illustrate its cargo capacity or fuel economy or technology, but no. The commercial instead features a CGI Rogue jumping onto a train, with a disclaimer that it isn't possible (duh).


So why show it? What's the point? Why give us this completely fake commercial? I don't know, but when I thought about it I realized they aren't the only ones. Look at this Chevy Sonic commercial:

I own a Sonic, and I can assure it is not capable of doing skateboard tricks. It's a great little car though, so what's the purpose of this commercial?

Those both are CGI, at least our next offender is a real commercial:

Yes, the Camry thrill ride. Look at it! Isn't the Camry exciting? No, it's not. The course is.


Finally, there's a new series of Honda commercials that bug me almost more than the others.

This particular ad isn't the worst, but you'll know which ones I'm talking about. The ones that show clips of people doing cool or innovative things all while Honda jumps in on the bandwagon. It just doesn't feel right to me, it's hard to really describe but it's almost like they are claiming these people's work for their own.

So I ask again, what's up with this trend? Why can't car ads just show the car, without all this fake stuff surrounding them? Look at this Kia commercial, for example, which runs back to back with that Nissan Rogue commercial during the 3 o'clock hour of Fox News (which I only know because the Fox News TV is in front of my favorite elliptical)

No frills, no fake CGI flips, no thrill ride, no shots of unrelated material. A car, in a hangar, and some simple music. Why can't we have more of this?


So, friends, show me some more examples of both sides. The worst fake ads you can find, and the best real ones. Then we can see which ad is more effective. Because I don't know about you, but I really want a Kia Optima for some reason...