My father told me that with both of the main family cars (E36 and 05 toyota 4runner) failing at random, he wants to buy something else to have fun with (stop putting miles on E36, which is now at 235 and going fairly strong) and Daily if he must, but not just him, my mother too

This isnt a huge issue, my mother is a big car fan, and really wants an Z31 (father doesnt) or NSX (too expensive) and can drive stick.


I told my dad, he works at a rotary shop, on Rotary Toys all day, and hasnt owned one in years, its time to buy another FC.. but now that i think about it, i already have an Fc, and for quite a few more years it will be spending its days here, and this house aint big enough for the 2 of us (literally, but we will ignore that)

So, lets go with $3000-$4000 absolute maximum price. what can you guys think of thats fun, RWD, and cheap?