Hasn't every generation (even yours you old, rose tinted glass wearing AARP members) had a segment of the population that either A) Didn't give a rats ass about cars or the culture of them and B) Only saw cars as mundane tools to get more important things done and C) Were probably too poor to afford anything cool or awesome and instead put their money into other things they cared about?

Why is this always being made up into a news sensation? Newsflash people! Young people tend to be poor(er) and tend to spend their money in areas that more immediately benefit or otherwise impact their life, and not every single person in my generation right now cares about cars or what car culture is.

Has that really, ever changed?

There is no 'marketing to millennials'. Because we don't have a problem with the cars you are making. We just don't have the money to spend on them, trust me if I had enough spare change after taking care of all other expenses I'd be actively looking for something awesomesauce, but since I'm relatively still a kid whats the benefit in blowing money on something I have absolutely no need for?

I don't get the whole 'situation'. Maybe its cause I haven't had the morning coffee and am not thinking right now. Me thinks this whole millennial conundrum is, well, poppycock.