Dear Ford,

I'm a car enthusiast, and I own a 1976 Pinto Wagon. It would be really cool to see a modern interpretation of it. In case you don't know why it would be cool, allow me to refresh your memory of it.

It was a small, inexpensive, simple, two-door, rear-wheel-drive, wagon, that was light weight. I feel like a car like this to slot in underneath the Mustang would bring in sales. Yes, you have the Focus and Fiesta, but neither of those are available as a two door wagon, and they are both front-wheel-drive. Imagine that you, as a company, could wholly own a market segment. This segment would consist of enthusiasts, youth (aka melenials), and people who want the style, versatility, and sportiness in a car, but don't want to spend a lot of money. With your newest EcoBoost 2.3L and smaller motors powering it, you would have a hit on your hands.


Arch Duke Maxyenko, of Cincinnati


While you're at it, you should ask Bob Lutz for his opinion on how to save Lincoln.

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