Many fantastic cars that you lust after may be unattractive, strange looking, or simply do not have an appearance that could be argued for as being pretty or interesting, but simply make you imagine the day when you can finally drive one home as your own. Sometimes these cars are ugly in a "good way," while you cannot simply explain your affinity for others. In other cases, a car may simply be good enough in other respects or be quirky enough to compensate for its misgivings in the styling department. Of course, eclectic qualities in cars are celebrated here, but at times someone may proclaim their inclination towards a certain car while most people will deride it due to its appearance even if they do acknowledge its positive characteristics.

One example of such a car is the E36 Compact (only available as a 318ti here in the US). Some of us will not touch it due to its somewhat girly and unbecoming design (despite recognizing its strengths), while some accept it, like it, and would be willing to own one based on its merits as a fun car. It's not an inherently ugly car, but it is often bemoaned for being the ugliest BMW of the good ole days. Nonetheless, it is a very fun car to drive and a practical one at that. In fact, I don't mind the design much at all and think it is a worthwhile sacrifice for the great handling and oversteering tendencies. Anyways, popular opinion is really what dictates the general view of a car, and the general consensus is that the E36 compact doesn't have much to offer in the looks department. Today's FEQ is:

Which ugly or unattractive cars do you most wish to own, find acceptable or cool looking despite popular opinion, or find good enough to make you to overlook their looks?

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