OK, those aren't the only two answer choices. But if you haven't noticed, we like shaking things up every now and then. And

I haven't formally introduced myself. I'm Zac, I've been handling COTD on Jalopnik since October.


This week was weird because of Detroit and the Q&As. We've started using the reframe tool on doing "best comments of Q&As" edition of COTD. Then we started doing it on all the COTDs, with the new post on top of the one the COTD came from. I get the sense the community at large is not a fan, and it's OK if you aren't, but let's hear it in this post:

Old way or new way?

I think when we do COTD based on Q&As, we'll do the reframe. I like the way all the COTDs look with the reframe, but it makes it hard to comment just on COTD and that's a big part of the post.


Anything else about COTD you'd like to shout out (well not shout)? I'm hear to listen/read.