Manual Transmissions in History is a new series documenting historical events in terms of the manual transmission. Because everyone always says the 3-pedaled car is "history," we might as well. Today, we recounted Patrick Henry's valiant act of speaking in defense of the manual transmission, as well as Paul Revere's midnight ride during which he called out warning his fellow patriots of oncoming DCTs and CVTs*. Lest we forget the Founding Fathers demonstrating how to shift and steer as well as reading Proceedings of the Manual Trans. What is another brave act in history defending the good old transmission we need to recount to remind ourselves of what driving is all about?

*My favorite story from American history must be when Paul Revere rode around yelling, "the DCTs are coming! The CVTs are coming!" And we beat them and clutched victory. They had technology, but we had experience and enthusiasm.

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