He was in deep snow at the bottom of a ditch. My grandfather and I jumped in his X5 with a length of chain to go pull him out. When we got to the site of the crash a man from our church with a brand new F150 and some tow straps was there. My dad was trying to tie off to a rear axel or something. I yelled no and showed him the integrated tow hook that VW built into the passenger side bumper. We tried pulling my dad out but his car kept sliding sideways in the ditch. While pulling the F150 got stuck in its own ditch on the other side of the road. We then used the X5 to pull the F150 out of its ditch and into the field. With the F150 in the field, it was in a prime location to pull my dad perpendicular to the road and hopefully out of its ditch. The f150 pulled and pulled and pulled revving its engine to its redline and eventually my dad's car got free.