What is better than a questionable repaired Miata? 2 Questionably repaired Miata's combined for extra driving bliss.

Supposedly built by the current owners uncle who died of cancer, this miata started life as two separate ones, both involved in collisions. It isn't currently registered but was in the past, and will pass smog. It has a custom two peace driveshaft and can go over 80 mph.


It doesn't have a specific price because it has too much sentimental value, and I don't blame him for not wanting to sell. Kind of...

Anyway what do you guys think? Here is the original posting.

This car was put together by my uncle in the early 2000's and pretty much never driven around. He truly loved this car and wanted it to be perfect before he took it out, but a few years ago he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away leaving me his car.

I absolutely hate to even make this listing, but my family isn't rich; we live in a condo and we do not have a garage to store it in, or otherwise I would keep it and work on it every now and then. It us currently being stored at a family friend's house out in Alpine and I feel like I have over staid my welcome there. I looked into storing the car at a storage location down the street from my house, but they want around $150 per month and there is no way I can afford that.

This car does need a lot of work to make it look nice and I simply cannot afford to do it myself, so I am left to watch it collect dust.

This car IS indeed drivable, I had it registered at one point and I would take it out to Coronado every now and then with no problems at all. It gets a lot of attention, especially from the other Miata drivers.

I assure you, this car will pass smog, I have documentation of it passing back in 2011 and no modifications have been added since then. I will personally smog it for the next owner.

This car was put together using 2 Miatas. One had damage in the front and the other was damage in the back, so he cut them up and put them together to make 1 really long Mazda that will carry 4 people!

Originally the car had a single drive shaft, but due to its length, it would cause massive vibrations, so I had a custom 2 peace drive shaft made for it wish instantly solved the problem. I have not gone over 80MPH, but I know that up to that point, it works just fine.

Here are two videos of the car:

I don't have a listed price because I honestly don't know what it is worth. I have a sentimental value for it, but that does not mean it is realistic. What I am looking for are offers. Remember... this is a drivable car... please have some respect and don't send me something unreasonable.

I am conflicted