I went to the Porsche by Design show this past Saturday at the NC Museum of Art. It was a really cool exhibit with a nice collection of cars. The full photo stream is here but here is a preview!

What has 880HP and 16 cylinders? This guy!

How about Dan Gurney's old office that he won two GPs in? Here you go!

Want to see the only surviving 901 prototype? OK!

How about the oldest know 356? The 17th built was there.

Are dirty race cars your thing? Here's a 917K that ran Le Mans and then was parked and preserved.

How about a hand-built recreation of a Pre-war Type 64 from original parts?

What about a crazy 365 1600 Abarth Coupe?

Maybe a dead hippy's custom 356?

Check that full photo stream link for more…