I haven't been on Oppo for long, but I recently posted a pic of one of my Caddies and got berated. I guess the poor guy felt bad so he posted an apology (Thank you but it was not necessary). I'm grown. The last time someone else's opinion mattered to me, I ended up divorcing her. I am twice retired by age 50, veteran of foreign wars, living comfortably with my house paid, my cars paid, enjoying a life of "ease and grace." I travel the world, where I want, when I want. And I appreciate all thing automotive and aeronautic. I've been designing cars and aircraft since I was 9. Flew my first plane at 12. Entered the Air Force Academy at 15. You know how car collectors relish the designer signing their dash or engine cover, I was one of a small group that signed tail #002 (the first production model) of the F-22 Raptor and designed or implemented Electronic Warfare suites for over half the USAF fighters still in use.

I have always modified all my cars to personalize them. So when it comes to my personal creations I know some will like it, some will hate it. I don't care. So this is the place for everyone to vent - "gimme your best shot!"

A little background on the vehicle in question. 1996 Cadillac Eldorado ESC, lowered 2" front/1 1/2" rear, added a modified TRD centrifugal supercharger, custom big brake kit, race-tuned custom suspension, custom high-rev tranny shift kit, custom 3" exhaust system with Corsa Sport mufflers and chrome tips, 390 WHP tune, Cadillac "V" series body upgrades ( side vents, badges, and a hand-built by me one of a kind Eldorado "V" grille), 20" Playa 150 spoke wheels, 245/45/20 Toyo tires, 240PSI 8-trumpet train horns (143dB), E-36 headlight assemblies with 8000K CCFL halos and 8000K 55W HID low beams that match the color and power of the upgraded fog lights, unique UltraBright 360 LED taillights and a 300Amp alternator. The interior is complete with all 8000K LED lighting, a Saitek X-52 joystick for a shifter, a 10.4" CarPC tablet with 500G internal HD and 2.5TerraByte external harddrive in center console, 2 external DVD-RW drives, 5 open externally-powered USB ports for whatever, HD FM radio, XM radio, Mp3 player, full-time internet, Internet radio, OBDII data recorder interface, on-screen TPMS with temp and pressure alerts, Parking sensors animation, GPS and GPS tracking, remote Valentine One integration, 16 channel relay control, 8 channel sensor monitoring, follow-me weather radar, front and rear cameras with motion sensing DVR capability, two way communication to my personal phone for alarms, sensors and automation, and 2 12" W7 subs. The trunk holds the compressor and 8 gallon air tank for the horns, a removable refrigerator, the CarPC comm, sensor and relay boards as well as the audio mixer and sub amp.

My pet name for the car is Calalie (a now extinct, evil bird of prey; a once fearsome air-to-air/air-to-ground hunter). A fitting name for the concept I was shooting for. But, alas, the rims are stored till spring and replaced by steelies and snow tires. It hasn't been washed in months. Its currently covered in a foot of snow (I guess I'll go clean it off tomorrow... or the next day). It was never a sports car. It was never a race car. It was never a Concourse d'Elegance Show Car. It has always been a specialized daily driver that is the physical manifestation of my interests/labors of my concept of an Eldorado ESC-V. Sure it's still hoon-worthy: 0-60 in under 5 seconds, chirps the tires in first and second, sometimes used to scare the loud racer-wanna-be imports, etc. But, this once award winning custom show car has be relegated to use as my winter beater and testbed for CarPC integration/automaton because I have other show/race car interests now. I have no intention of bringing it back up to show quality which is sad, but my priorities lie elsewhere.


Beat on it all you want... I do! We can take it. I've lived too long and too full a life to be butt hurt about someone not liking what I do. This is a great community. Having spent most of my internet time in very narrowly focused car or aircraft forums, the broad brush of humanity, cars, and planes here is a welcome relief. I think I'll hang around a while, maybe write an article or two... and I won't be offended if someone disagrees with my position.

Here's a wall paper of my dream car as a reward for surviving this long post.