them, like many here do probably.

Now of course I probably wouldn't buy any of these even if I had the money, but they're still kind of intersting.

First, a really awesome color Elantra

Next, a first-gen SLK roadster. I do like the 4-cylinder engine for better fuel economy, and the folding hardtop is cool, BUT, unfortunately this was the beginning of the end for German cars, Mercedes included, as the start of the New Malaise Era.

And finally, . Now, I used to LOVE these cars, and I really do like the 4-door sports car, and this Maxima is VERY powerful and fairly light for such a large car, and it has all the features I want, manual transmission, good cupholders, heated seats, CD player, and a sunroof. Plus this one is in the best color for the Maxima, that awesome shade of gray. And this one is only $2000.


BUT, unfortunately, it has a HUGE demerit: the EVIL transverse V6 engine. Sorry, but the 1MZ in my Lexus has REALLY soured me on cars like that, and I am DONE using enhanced interrogation techniques to get to the back of the engine.