And I don't mean the viper you had all over your walls as a kid, I mean the car you found on Craigslist or on autotrader or a forum while you were begging your mom to let you drive her minivan around with that fresh license or permit in your pocket.

For me it was an E30 325i sedan I found on bimmerfest in California... I'm in Virginia. It was black on black, clean interior and the paint was beautiful. It was on some amazing BBS wheels. It was also an automatic, but I planned and priced a swap anyways. Oh yeah, it had 180k and a broken odometer. I got in contact with the guy and we eventually agreed on $2200 and I would cover shipping. Took maybe 10 minutes of negotiation. I already had $1500 saved up and my brother was willing to lend the last $700 and I promised to pay him $850 back. (I was 16 with a fresh license, I was desperate). So I held $2200 in my hand as I showed my dad the listing on bimmerfest, and he immediately said no. We argued for a little bit, he made some good points I made some good points but the answer was no. I was mad for a good 2 weeks, then the car was sold, I spent another week genuinely sad, and then i completely got over it and spent the rest of the semester and summer having fun.... Without an E30. What was the car you just had to have when you first started driving?