About a week ago or so a lot of you saw my thread about not smoking. http://oppositelock.jalopnik.com/this-could-be-…

Well, it's been a week. And a good one. I don't smoke. Best three words ever.

So what to do with the money instead? Well, let me introduce you to a new piggy bank par excellence, especially for the compulsive spender. This is a hollow sphere that is 3/16 thick and about 10" across. It is made of a very heavy and high strength steel alloy (stainless, possibly) that is corrosion proof and designed for high temp high pressure applications. Took ten minutes with a cutoff disc to get the slot into it for money.


Impossible to get into easily without generating enough heat to destroy the money inside.

Will take a bath in liquid nitrogen and a very careful hammer and punch to do this one in. Not easy to do. Perfect for a long term mad money storage facility.

Every week or so I'm going to throw in some of what I would have smoked. When the time comes, it will come in handy. Mod money? Vacation? Who can say.


At any rate. Thanks to everyone who chimed in on the initial thread with such good advice.