The city and TXDOT are all urging people to stay at home, as overpasses are basically sloped ice skating rinks. No snow on the ground, really, just ice. "DON'T GET ON THE ROADWAYS!!!", the news channels exclaim. PSH. I do what I want!! And I'm at work now.

If anyone in the Northern Territories are wondering why our local government is flipping their shit because of this weather, allow me to explain. Houston's infrastructure (along with the vast majority of other Texas cities) are not designed for icy weather. They are built to sustain the constant heat that we get during the summers. Expansion brackets on the roadways/overpasses, special consideration for the humidity, etc. Salt is NOT allowed on surface streets. All those de-icing chemicals? We don't have a lot of trucks that can distribute those.


The top floor of my parking garage has a solid 1-2 inches of ice on it. Not snow, not sleet. ICE. If we had a Zamboni up there, we could play a rousing game of hockey. But we also don't know how to ice skate, so... Yeah.

I don't live very far from work, and I don't have to get on any freeway to get here. A couple of very small bridges across some creeks that had been sanded, that's it. So I'm one of five people here, out of a normal staff of 35. Woohoo!!

Otherwise, if you're in Houston, stay at home. Do as I say, not as I do.