I figured on this cold day across the country and for my very first post to oppo I'd share some fun cars I saw over the summer. Here is a remixed song to remember the summer while you read (hover over images of fun cars and ignore the text): You can call me Al

This first one kills me because I swore I took about 10+ photos of this sucker, but I can only find this one on my phone. I remember it distinctly because I was picking up lunch to go to the beach and I sent them to my bud (another car enthusiast) that decided to just go directly to the beach (because he's lazy). He miss out on this beauty:

Driving to the course I saw Mr Incognito; which ironically is far from what the color of this '13 or later V6 was boasting. It really doesn't deserve to be among the two cars on this page, but it made me laugh I just had to include it. Also what better color to scream summer than lime green.

Lets close it out with a SIZZLING car. A beautifully maintained Thunderbird was sitting at the inlet and I had to grab a few shots. The license plate was a nice touch too. The owner was in his 70's and was a really down to earth guy who loved auto's.

I promise next post I will actually code it so the page is clean. I didn't have the time today, but did want to finally get my first post out there. I have some great video's to post in the future (one that doesn't have the best image, but the sound of the Shelby's side pipes are unreal).


If you actually read endured this much I want to reward you with a book I think you'd really enjoy reading: