Delta Air Lines, the last major commercial carrier to fly the DC-9, officially retired the venerable jet after a flight from Minneapolis/St.Paul (MSP) to Atlanta Hartsfield (ATL) on January 6 of this year. This video was shot at ATL on January 1. There's no emotional music, there are no high speed edits, no exciting fly pasts. It simply shows the DC-9 quietly going about its business, doing what what it has done so well for almost 50 years.

While there was much hoopla surrounding that final flight, it really wasn't the end of DC-9 operations. Two airframes quietly continued serving to support delayed 717 deliveries. The real final flight took place when N779NC, one of the planes shown in this video, operating as Fight 310, landed at ATL after a flight from Eglin AFB in Florida on January 22. N779NC will be ferried to Charlotte, North Carolina, where it will reside at the Carolinas Aviation Museum.