While getting some maintenance done on one of my family's cars at our local Toyota dealership, I spotted a white FR-S sitting on the lot. The salesman offered me a test drive, to which I happily agreed to (now that I'm 21! YEAH!). What follows are my first impressions:

-The car has a really short shifter, which I'm not used to. Like really short.

-The clutch engages really high (thanks Regular Car Reviews for letting me know, though). Combined with the short shifter my starts were a little jumpy, but I didn't stall or rev too high.


-The boxer-4 is a sweet little engine. It's smooth and sounds great above 4k, but was muted due to the sound deadening.

-Tachs with digital speedos are the future.

-It feels faster than it really is, which is a good thing in my opinion. Less likely to get into trouble that way.


Other notes: The salesman asked me if I'd seen the FT-1, and after I asked if it was the new Supra he said there were no plans for a new one. But, he did say they were working on a new sports car with a twin-turbo V6, so who knows.