I learned to drive in Central OR where speed limits weren't too strictly enforced, most people went 10-15 mph over the limit, and got used to that way of driving. last year i moved up to the Portland area where the cops are way more ticket happy. Long story short I managed to get three tickets and one wreck in the past year, leading me to get my license suspended for 90 days starting 30 days from some time next week. What really sucks is that the wreck wasn't my fault and one of the tickets was for 5 over while being tailgated by someone. I guess its just because I look younger than I am, I'm 22 but look like I'm about 17. Anyhow I've taken full responsibility now for speeding and wont be even touching anywhere over the speed limit now. Anyone else have any advice for dealing with this? I know I'm applying for a hardship permit so i can get to and from work.

Anyhow here's a picture of a Shelby Concept.