It seems that finally we're getting some more options in the off-road market. With the resale values on Raptors and Wranglers, it seems like an obvious market to get into.

First, we have the TRD Pro line from the big T. It looks like it'll include a Tundra, Tacoma, and 4Runner. We've had Trail Editions and T|4xRDWTFBBQ versions already, so this must be something a bit more special. With the FJ a


pparently dying and no announced plans for a new Raptor, Toyota has a big opportunity here. Here's the teaser:

Next we have the Lingenfelter Silverado Reaper. Obviously it won't have the broad appeal of a first party offering, or even the Ram Runner. But the more options, the better. Check it out on Autoblog. Also check the Lingenfelter site.