I pass 2 cars on the way to the vet's office every time our kitty goes in (he's got a broken fan belt or something). I haven't looked at either of these cars in detail, and certainly haven't been able to snag a picture because I don't have a working phone camera.

Car #1:50's coupe. Very...overstated body but I can tell it's not kitted- fins are finny, but it's not a'59 El Dorado or anything. The chrome is in hideous condition, and I'm really not fond of the way the car was designed. Interior may or may not be in white leather; the slowest that I've passed it is 30mph. The paint is in both fabulous nick and in an even better color than I would pick, but it looks like one of those cars you'd feel obligated to restore, and thus become a hole in the garage floor into which all the money flows. It has a "For Sale" sign on it.

Car #2: Chevelle SS. Rust on the roof, interior's very... dark, wheels not original, tires not original, and I haven't been able (naturally) to inspect the engine. It's in exactly the right color (even though it's matte, not gloss as I would pick) and has the signature go-faster stripes. And, lest you forget, it's a Chevelle SS. One of the best muscle cars (or at least the most powerful) ever made. It's been in front of an auto service center for a while, and nobody in my county drives classic muscle like that to work, even the car guys.

Which one?