Honesty, something not too many people have today, is admitting to yourself and others that you're not an MP4-12C, Or Aventador. It's about looking inside, and thinking about what kind of person you really Are!

I was bored after finals today, and I realized "Huh, I'm basically a Golf TDi!"

How'd I get to this conclusion? Well it's quite simple really:
1. The engine: I like being frugal, and not spending too much. I'm also lazy, but if pushed a bit, can be a pretty darn good athlete!
2. I'd be a DSG equipped 4-door! DSG, because I'm lazy, and like to "Go with the flow"/follow trends. 4 door, because I like being around people, but do tend to be a killjoy on some occasions.
3. I'd be a mid range model, since I'm an average guy; 5'11", brown hair/eyes. Since I don't stand out in a crowd, I guess I'd be painted white, or gray.
4. Finally, I'd have an APR stage 1 tune, bigger brakes, an upgraded suspension, and a roof rack. This is because I used to be a competitive swimmer, am now a competitive tennis player, and I absolutely adore skiing!