So, this morning I had my first icy day in Texas this year, and still managed to drive to work without any incident with my girlfriend's Civic. To clarify, the roads were hardly icy, and only the bridges had any ice on them at all. The highway was already sanded, but I still passed 4 completely totalled vehicles (separate accidents); two F150s (one of them two generations old, one of them new), an Explorer, and the only real loss of the bunch, a '90s 5 series. The picture is actually from today on highway six, and apparently as of 10:30am there have now been 6 accidents on the stretch of highway that I took to work.

I had no trouble driving 60-70 the entire 17 miles to work on all-seasons, I'm not sure why people find it to be so difficult to drive on ice. Most of the way it was completely free of ice, and the roads were all sanded, but people were doing 35 on the highway. As of 11am, more than half of my coworkers aren't even here, when work starts at 8.

What are some of your experiences with driving on ice?