I am curious, what if we all were rich (budget wise).As I thought to myself I realized something; would it be that great? Some of our beaters/cheap cars are sweet.

Anyway, here's my personal list;

1.My dad's old e30 m3:

It was Turner chipped by a previous owner and that was it engine wise.

I'll chalk that up as $35k

2. Bmw e30 touring:

M3 body and Flares

E30 M3 engine optional.

I'll chalk it up as $20k

$55k total.

3.Bmw 1 series m;



I'm at $120k

4. Saab 95 Wagon

The best one in existence.
Lets say $20k.

$140k total.

5. Saab 9000 Aero

Lets say it's very nice, 8k.

$148k now.

6.1966 Saab 96 Monte Carlo

Top of the line one of these sold last month for $28,000.

I'm at $176,000

7. Subaru BRZ

That leaves $24,000

New, used whatever just a brz for $24k

That's it folks!

EDIT: I hate kinja columns.

You are also allowed to "build" something.