Two decades ago, I was a F1 fan. I would watch the races on TV, most of them live. (Though not the Asian and Australian ones, my parents weren't fan of the night time local time idea.)

That was a time, that, to me anyway, Formula 1 cars still just looked great.

Please don't get me wrong, I understand the (aero) tech in general terms, and I accept that form follows function in F1, but, ye Gods, I long for a balance between technology and aestetics!


Can you imagine cars like this now? No slats, flaps, slits, or double-curved barge boards, no DRS equipped rear spoilers, no complicated curved and bulged triple-layer front spoilers, no WTF-is-going-on weirdly shaped wing end plates, and no trick exhausts (though those are impossible with the 2014 regulations)

And no genital-inspired noses!

[in Clarkson voice] Just look at it!!

Even then the cars started to get, hah!, spoiled. (See what I did there?) By comparison to 2014 standards though even the Benetton looks incredibly clean.

And the irony of it all? Since F1 cars didn't have the extreme aero technology that they have today, they were less reliant on downforce. Which allowed for a thing called drafting. Cars could get within half a car length without having the turbulence wreaking havoc. Overtaking happened more often, without using technical patches like DRS and KERS. The sport simply didn't need that.

Enough proverbial Rambling Old Man. Here's a parting shot.